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An Open Letter to those feeling anxious…


*What am i?…i’m human bitch…

So I read this article in The Atlantic about how whites in America are anxious that America is becoming less white and thought…what a waste of internet space… but I was still irate so I decided the best way to get over it was to write it all out…then I could move on… 

Yes I know that these are white Americans who are miles away, but having just had an election I can mirror these exact sentiments to many a facebook post or overheard conversation recently, but also in many other mild anxieties covering a wide range of prejudices not just race that really irk me. 

Yes, we know that anyone who is anxious about the fact that someone who is not like them has to share a world with them is stupid… but they are often also feeling at their most anxious right now and thus are at their most dangerous too.

As the world becomes more diverse and open minded the more right wing, nazi-wannabe, white supremacist, extremist groups pop up… I’d bet a month’s salary that Boko Haram (who think kidnapping school girls is okay) started out as a group of ‘anxious’ muslim nigerians.

The thing is all these anxious people’s actions are always in retaliation to what they see as an attack on their way of life…whether it be gay marriage, allowing black people to sit courtside at basketball games, more women in their office, Spanish speakers speaking Spanish in their presence, the Dalai Lama breathing, yes even little girls going to school… 

Knowing how dangerous it can be we still don’t speak out against this anxiety though… we wait till it’s outright violence, racism, anti gay, anti woman hate then we want to lament. However us middle of the road sane minded types will endure those little grumblings of anxiety daily and unless it’s a direct attack on us and our direct interests, we stay silent for fear of being called too sensitive or defensive:   

But this has to stop. We also need to stop acknowledging attention seeking bigotry with articles, thought pieces and media coverage and rather as sane citizens spend more time checking ‘anxiousness’ in our daily lives across all walks of life.  

- as such here is my first contribution to that mission…

My open letter to all of you who are feeling anxious/threatened/aggrieved

 1. your self imposed anxieties arising from your inability to accept change and diversity is YOUR problem not anyone else

(peep all the happy people around you). So stop calling those of us who don’t care that you think that ‘your’ country is going down the toilet or that ‘your’ people have suffered stupid. 

2. Also stop expecting us to vote for your party, rally around your policies or not call you on your bullshit when you try shove it down our throats…if we all thought like you then we’d be you…and believe me most people in this world are glad that ‘narrow minds’ are a shrinking gene pool.  

3. Oh and don’t forget to tuck in your prejudice we can see it showing as you storm out the room/shut down your FB / go tell your Daddy (cause you can’t deal with true freedom of speech, negotiation or compromise). You’re doing a really bad job of hiding the real reason you’re anxious about the future of your country because for you it’s never been about jobs, services or the economy (cause let’s admit it yours are not likely to be the worst in the pile).

4. It’s time you admit that you’re anxious because you see more black, brown, beige, gay people around you. There’s more melato skinned, asian eyed, nappy haired children born today who don’t tick your boxes, who speak three languages (and none of them are their grandmother’s tongue) than your thorough bred bloodline can handle. Your world is filling up with people who speak different, pray different and love different …admit it, this scares you. 

…and that’s fine…the world Oprah hugs you…but you also understand if we don’t accept your form of anxiety in our society from now on, right? 

The thing is we’ve also got a way of life to protect and it’s one where we don’t have time to listen to your bile, because we’re too busy trying to make this world a better place for EVERYONE to live in, and your Debbie downer attitude is killing our vibe. 

So thanks for understanding why we need to do this purge of your types from all walks of society (or not we don’t really care).  


one of your many

black/white/indian/coloured/gay/muslim/female/christian/buddhist… etc etc…. friends

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